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Get Mac Client Get PC Client

Get Linux Client

1) Download the Client Application for your system: Mac, PC or Linux.

2) Run the application once to enable your browser to open ExpeDat links with our client application.
Please do not enter anything into the app - simply quit again after first launch.

3) In the future you only need to press the green button to login to your account.
This should launch the client application with the credentials in place.

If this does not work, perhaps your anti-virus solution or corporate firewall is
blocking this service. Contact our support below or ask your own administrator
if this could be the case.

Technical notes for your IT Dept.

This setup does not require administrator privileges for your computer
and the client application can be trashed when you don't need it anymore.

Your firewall must allow outbound UDP traffic on port 8090
to "" (currently

This should work right away for most users.

If you experience any problems please contact

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